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in 2021

Our Capabilities

L’S Giant specializes in product development, sample making, manufacturing, assembly and shipping of products. The primary materials with which we work are aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. We have manufactured outdoor children’s playgrounds, basketball stands, golf, lacrosse, soccer and other sports goals and nets, outdoor and office furniture, metal ceilings, walls, Christmas tree stands and much more. In 2021, our 2 factories together shipped out at least 180 40ft containers each month, and 240 containers a month during peak season. 

L’s Giant has an in-house team of 28 professional engineers, who use the most advanced solutions and tools for implementing our customers project requirements. We provide end-to-end metal product development and management services. We also establish cost targets, design fixtures, bring in qualified suppliers and setup quality metrics for our customer.

Our engineers have first hand experience in manufacturing making them experts in DFM (Design for manufacturability). Many of our customers need assistance optimizing their designs and our team can get you there. From packaging to product design, working with our engineering team will add value and save costs for your product.

Our team has shipped around the world to warehouses and fulfillment centers each with their own unique requirements. This experiences grants us the foresight to label and print UPC’s correctly each and every time.

Our team combines skilled human labor and robotic welding and cutting and state of the art power coating machines to maximize output while minimizing costs. In addition we have a quality control team that minimizes loss.

Sometimes best sellers don’t require engineering or manufacturing but need logistics support. We serve as a hub for many of our customers, consolidating, storing and packaging parts for distribution at the most competitive price.

Testing and Certificates

  • Inflammation-proofing Test
  • Sound absorbing Test Certificate
  • Wind Pressure Testing Certificate
  • Flame Retardant Testing Report
  • Acoustic Resistance Testing Report

Past Projects

  • Baseball Nets
  • Corn Pellet Stove
  • Hanging Curved Chair
  • Kids Dome
  • Patio Sling
  • Pilates Reformer
  • Soccer Goal
  • Swing Set
  • Wagon
  • Taoyuan International Airport
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail
  • Taipei Mass Rapid Transit
  • Keelung Port Office
  • Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit
  • Puli Chung Tai Buddhist Temple
  • Neihu Technology Park
  • Nangang Software Park
  • Taipei National Palace Museum
  • Taipei Arena
  • Taipei Chunglun Station
  • Taipei Elevated Rail
  • Macao Returning Building
  • Australia Sydney Station
  • Beijing Agricultural Forest Research Building
  • Beijing City textLayout Exhibition Hall
  • Beijing LG Building
  • Beijing Restructure of West Station
  • Kunming Norther Photoelectron Factory
  • Nanjing Post Center
  • Shenzhen Gymnasium Corridor
  • Shenzhen SEG Plaza
  • Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
  • Shenzhen CR Mix Cit
  • Dongguan International Conference and Exhibition Center